lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

IF - La Llorona

La llorona, sometimes called the Woman in White or the Weeping Woman is a figure in North American folklore, the ghost of a woman crying for her dead children that she drowned. Her appearances are sometimes held to presage death and frequently are claimed to occur near bodies of water, particularly streams and rivers. There is much variation in tales of La Llorona, which are popular in Mexico (Wikipedia)

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Vhrsti dijo...

Beautiful! I really love your blog and your fabulous works here! Great colors and atmosphere!

Ella dijo...

Wonderful image! I especially love her face and her pose. Now I know what the singer Lhasa De Sela was singing about in La Llorona.

MargaritaNava dijo...

Vhrsti: Thanks for your words. Really, thank you!!!

Ella: Thanks for your visit, and very thank for your comments!!!